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For more than 20 years, we have gone to meet our French winegrowers and have selected exclusively the wines that we love. Wines more or less known which all have in common the reflection of their terroir ... Of those which leave a pleasant memory.


We are particularly fond of wine growers who respect the environment, animal welfare and biodiversity by applying vinification while respecting natural balances.

The soul of our site is truly the sharing of our discoveries over the course of our tastings. Those that leave an intense aromatic persistence in the mouth; the caudalie!

Wishing to meet your expectations, we would be happy to assist you in your choices or simply to answer your questions. So do not hesitate to contact us face to face by telephone for a warm exchange or to correspond by email or sms as you wish, we will adapt to you. We guarantee you to put all our good energy to answer you as soon as possible in order to satisfy you as well as possible!

Please find below the modes of communication available to you.

You will also find all the information related to our company in order to reassure everyone of our seriousness.

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